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Our Structural Team’s Strengths

Our team of structural engineers and designers leverage their “out of the box” creativity to develop and implement cost effective, intuitive, robust solutions for structural challenges. From reinforcing an existing building column, to designing the foundations and steel for a multi story heavy industrial processing building, we have the skill set, knowledge base, and experience to fill your structural needs, large or small.

Whether your project involves a Retrofit or New Construction, Demolition or Expansion, Failure Analysis and Damage Repair or Change in Occupancy, we offer the following services to solve your challenges.

Structural Engineering Services Toronto, ON

Concrete / Foundation Engineering & Design

  • Deep Foundations

  • Mat/Spread Footings

  • Slabs on Grade

  • Cast in Place Concrete Structures

  • Pre-Cast Concrete Structures

  • Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures

  • Masonry structures

  • Elevated Concrete Slabs

  • Tank/Silo/Bin Foundations

  • Truck and Rail Unload Pits

Structural Steel Engineering & Design

  • Equipment Support Structures Towers

  • Industrial Structures

  • Moment Frames

  • Braced Frames

  • Pipe Bridges

  • Personnel bridges

  • Material Handling Conveyor Galleries

  • Monorail/Hoist Systems

  • Rail Unload Pits per AREMA Guidelines

  • Truck and Rail Loadout

Architectural Engineering & Design

  • Industrial Building Cladding Systems

  • Access and Egress Structures

  • Fire Protective Coatings/Systems

  • Damage Limiting Construction (Explosion Venting)



Our Piping Team’s Strengths

It’s also important that your piping design company has the necessary resources to assist in the engineering effort through interdisciplinary support from process, mechanical, electrical, structural, and controls engineers providing insight for such issues as corrosion resistance, pump cavitation, pressure drop, thermal expansion and support design, flow control, and myriad challenges that can and do arise. Little P.Eng. has the experience and know-how to solve, and avoid through design, these and many other challenges that a piping system may face, and we offer the support of our core discipline engineers to assist with situations that may not be obvious at the outset of the design effort.

  • Pipe Specifications Development

  • Specifications Based 3D Piping Modeling, Design, Orthographic Plan, Section, and Detail Preparation

  • Fabrication Isometric Development

  • BOM preparation for advance material procurement

  • Above and Below Ground Piping Systems

  • Aseptic, Hygienic, and Sanitary Piping Systems

  • Thermal, Static and Dynamic Pipe Stress Analysis and Design using CAESAR II

    • Piping Stress Analysis as per ASME B31.3, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.8

    • Pipe Line Stress Analysis as per CSA Z662

  • Standard and Custom Pipe Support Design

  • Piping System Walkdowns

  • Piping Installation Quality Audits

  • Process Piping Design

  • Utility Piping Design

  • Wide range of piping specifications including:

    • Carbon Steel
    • Galvanized
    • Copper
    • PVC and CPVC
    • Teflon and Polypropylene Lined Pipe
    • Glass Lined Pipe
    • Ductile Iron
    • HDPE
    • Polypropylene
    • Fiberglass
    • Stainless Steel (304, 316, etc.)
    • Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless
    • Many More
  • Pneumatic Convey Piping Systems

  • Flammable and Volatile Liquid & Gas Piping Systems

  • Bio-Gas Piping

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Pig Systems



Little P.Eng. for Engineering Services is a  structural and mechanical (Piping Design / Piping Stress Analysis) engineering consulting company  located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; We serve United states and Canada. We offer engineering services in the following areas:


  • Piping Systems Design and Engineering:
    Design of piping systems, pipe stress analysis, structural and seismic analysis of industrial and commercial piping systems, pipelines and mechanical components based on ASME Section III and Sections VIII and B31 codes.


  • Structural engineering services and Failure Analysis:
    Linear and nonlinear statics, dynamics and thermal analysis, fatigue, fracture mechanics, limit load, ratcheting, shake down and creep analysis based on ASME Section III and Section VIII.


  • Seismic Design and Engineering:
    Seismic analysis for structural components and non-structural components such as storage tanks, boilers, cooling towers, piping systems  based on ASCE, CBC and ASME codes, using Finite Element Analysis. Our experienced professional structural engineers have a vast and various set  of skills to serve a huge variety of projects.


  • Mechanical Engineering and Design Peer Reviews:
    Machinery and part design, stress analysis, test design and simulations, 3D modelling, CAD drafting for power and process plants and other Industrial and Commercial Facilities.


Little P.Eng. for Engineering Services regularly teams up with general contractors, architects and projects owners in design and structural analysis of water, steam, oil and gas (process and power) piping systems, pipelines and mechanical components.

Our piping Engineers specialize in performing Pipe Stress Analysis, Structural and Failure Analysis and Seismic Analysis on Industrial and Commercial Pipelines and mechanical components based on ASME (Section III, Section VIII and B31 codes), AISC and ASCE and other applicable codes, utilizing advanced Finite Element Analysis. Our seismic designers use the latest technology to analyze and develop your Pipelines based on the applicable codes and standards.

You will be able to see the analyzed 3D models of your piping systems on your computer. This will provide an easy to use platform for collaboration to enhance our joint ability to identify critical points of the design. This process can also be used to streamline the Critical Design Review (CDR), saving valuable business development resources and maximize the ROI of your company R&D assets. We believe that quality of our works, reliability and dedication to our customer needs is what makes us successful.


We are a collection of leaders and professionals in engineering who are dedicated to designing and creating the most innovative solutions for our clients. Located in Toronto, ON, Canada, we operate everywhere from local markets to the most remote regions of the world especially North America (united states and Canada) to present the best Engineering Services.

We believe in the value of shared knowledge. Our teams of experts are well-informed and up-to-date on the latest technologies, which allows us to elevate the level of our work. On every project, we draw from our wide ranging expertise and experience to create and deliver inspired solutions.

Whether a project is large or small, in its earliest stages or nearing completion, our team is invested and determined to deliver the best solutions. We understand the level of pride that comes with ownership; therefore we always take stewardship of the success of all of our client’s projects. 



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